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How to ship a Thompson Center Encore/Contender Barrel

Thanks to Crubear! He’s gone through and written up a detailed explanation with pictures on the best way to ship a Thompson Center Encore/Contender barrel!

I’ve run into a problem lately where I didn’t have a box to fit a barrel I’d sold. Then, in chats with other folds here I’ve been reminded of times when barrels arrived that weren’t safely packed. You know, the barrels that arrive falling out of the box, or that fall to the concrete when you take them out when you pick the box up. Yep, doesn’t make for a good feedback score when that happens. So here goes, what I try to do when you buy a barrel from me.

First, clean the barrel. 'nuff said

First, clean the barrel. ’nuff said

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Thompson Center Encore Weaver Scope Base – Also Fits Omega

Looking to put a scope on your Thompson Center Encore barrel? Or even your Omega Muzzleloader? Look no further!

Click Here to Buy!

Click Here to Buy!

  • Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and weight reduction
  • Aluminum saddles and steel caps
  • Uses Weaver’s proven Crosslock design » Read more..