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Building a Custom-Fit Storage Case for your Thompson Center Encore

A hot topic for any TC Encore owner is┬ástorage; barrel storage, frame storage, assembled firearm storage… take your pick. Forum member Rick Jacker, gave wrote this awesome article on how to create your own custom Encore pistol case!

Thompson Center Encore 7mm-08 Pistol Case

Thompson Center Encore 7mm-08 Pistol Case

After a couple of months buying and trading for my components, I finally put it all together and felt good about the build. Sitting in front of me was an Encore in 7mm-08, scoped and ready to range check. Not the prettiest kitten in the litter, but one I felt would get er done in the field, and at the range.
Now I would need a case for her. Thinking ahead, I would need one that would be Airline approved. The urge is on me for an out of state hunt, and flying is by far the easiest mode of transportation on these old bones. I would also like one that is aesthetically pleasing ,and would offer room for maybe, one more scoped barrel. A slot for a box of rounds would be nice also. » Read more..

Shooting the .375 Winchester using the Thompson Center Encore platform

Here in Ohio, during Deer gun season; we are limited to Shotgun’s, muzzleloading rifles and shotguns, and pistols with a 5″ or longer barrel that shoot a straight walled cartridge that is .357″ or larger.

15" .375 Winchester Encore Barrel

15″ .375 Winchester Encore Barrel

An often overlooked cartridge for use in a pistol is the .375 Winchester. A hidden treasure of the straight-walled cartridge world. The .375 Winchester has the same trajectory characteristics of the .30-30 with a significant improvement on killing
power. » Read more..