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.30-30 Velocity Description [message #46341] Mon, 14 December 2020 20:16 Go to next message
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Hi all,

I'm doing some load development for a 1972 Winchester Model 94 carbine and have a concern about velocity and effectiveness. Heres the run down on what I have and whats going on.

Firearm Info

1972 Winchester Model 94 Carbine (no modifications)
Factory Iron sights only
Max distance 100 yards

Load Info

Bullet: Hornady Interlock 150 grain Round Nose .308 Diameter
Brass: Winchester Brass
Primers: Winchester Large Rifle Primers
Powder: IMR 3031 (two loads shot really well at 100 yards; 29.6 grains and 31.4 grains)
Muzzle Velocity: 29.6 grains is in the neighborhood of 2070 FPS

31.4 grains is in the neighborhood of 2280 FPS

* A note on the brass; I've got enough brass from factory loaded Winchester ammunition that I've shot in this gun over the years, that all of my test shooting has been done with once fired brass. At 100 yards, I'm not sure if this will mater, but it's one aspect that I am controlling that keeps me less worried.

QUESTION: Will the slower velocity load (29.6 grains), be effective enough for deer/hogs at 100 yards? The recoil is quite pleasant, and this load shoots excellent. My worry is that it might be too slow for the right kind of penetration for quick kills with proper shot placement. The other load (31.4 grains) shoots very well, but it's felt recoil is more robust. Kind of annoying. One thing to consider is it actually recoils very similar to the Winchester factory ammunition that I've been using in the years past. Should I use this load instead? I would prefer to use the slower load as it's more forgiving on the shoulder, but I need to know that what I'm using is correct for the body mass/makeup that I plan to shoot in to (i.e. deer, and hogs).

* Note: Factory ammunition I've been using in the past is Winchester Super X, Power Point 150 Grain with a muzzle velocity of 2390 FPS printed on the back of the box.

Thank you all in advance for reading through this and and taking the time to answer.

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OK, I did a quick search and found this link:

Your energy is 1426.87 Foot pounds

Then I found this article: mmended-kinetic-energy-hunting-whitetails/

Then I thunk about it and went to check the 30 Herrett (since it will take down a deer at 100 yards) and you're over it's max velocity. I'd say you're good.

For the absolute purists out there, as long as you do your part and put the bullet where... (which then makes me ask what the heck are you shooting that doesn't make a difference where you hit?)

Honestly, I have all the barrels I want or could ever need..... wait, look, there's another!!
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