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Re: 35 Remington Hornady FTX 165 gn .355" Why .355"? [message #45905 is a reply to message #45896] Sat, 22 February 2020 15:46 Go to previous messageGo to previous message
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Ahhhh... I forgot about the 350 Legend. I find it in interesting that we went from flintlock only when the early days of muzzle-loading to the straight walled cartridge restriction. Unfortunately my state doesn't allow for the new allowance. I think I'd probably stick top the muzzle-loader if it came down to it, unless I had some tags to fill for crop damage or something along those lines. I guess I should have done some quick searching before posting this question.

I still want to know why the industry would adopt such a bastard size when we already have .357" and .358" bullets to confuse us enough. Now we have this in the mix to really keep us at attention! Ohio law says that .357" is the minimum diameter for the straight wall exception, yet this cartridge is SAAMI spec'ed out to be less than that. Technically illegal, yet I don't believe that the wardens would be sticklers on such a minute discrepancy, or would they? I would think they'd bee more concerned with hunters who are restricted to three rounds having AR's that have clips accepting many more. I can remember having to put a physical plug in my 1950 vintage Remington model 870 during goose season. The one that came with it was a wooden affair that kept the waterfowler from even thinking about putting more than three rounds in the gun once installed. I still have the aluminum "Plug" that came with my 1919 vintage 8 shot Benelli M1 Super 90 that restricts it to a 3 shot capacity. I don't see any regulations that are designed to physically alter the AR platform,or any other firearm, to be be restricted to a three round total capacity like they did with the federal regulations concerning wildfowl hunting regulations. This could get interesting.

Slightly off topic, I still am puzzled about changing from a "Handicapped", or "Primitive" if you will, muzzle-loader season, with some states even hesitant to get rid of the flintlock stipulation, and banning the use of optical aids, to keep it as "Authentic" as possible, to now allowing a 3 shot semi automatic rifle. That brings it up to a 3 shot advantage for the hunter. It seems that we are lucky to be alive during this interesting transformation of the once deemed "Primitive" deer hunting season, to a season where three shots of quick follow ups leads to a smokeless experience instead of the dramatically large smoke cloud created by the "Smoke pole". I actually enjoy the feeling of knowing that you only have one shot, and know that you don't have any chances to follow up the shot quickly. Granted I use Blackhorn 209 and the shotgun primer instead of a flint to ignite the cleaner burning propellant. But the follow up shot, if needed, forces me to go through the motions of stuffing the powder and bullet down the barrel before I can shoot again. That's part of the thrill of the hunt.
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