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Shooting the .375 Winchester using the Thompson Center Encore platform

Here in Ohio, during Deer gun season; we are limited to Shotgun’s, muzzleloading rifles and shotguns, and pistols with a 5″ or longer barrel that shoot a straight walled cartridge that is .357″ or larger. An often overlooked cartridge for use in a pistol is the .375 Winchester. A hidden treasure of the straight-walled cartridge […]

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Using Lead Shot to Reduce Recoil on Thompson Center Encore Forearm

Tired of the recoil generated by the TC Encore 20 ga. slug barrel? I am! First, I switched to a thumb-hole Flex-Tech stock, this significantly reduced the amount of muzzle jump, but the recoil from the slugs into your shoulder was still incredible. My 20ga slug barrel really kicks with the 3″ federal barnes expanders, […]

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